Monday 21st January 2019:Looking Out For Our Garden Birds

The first meeting of 2019 was designed to prepare everyone for the biggest event in the RSPB’s year – the Big Garden Birdwatch.

Leader Helen devised a fabulous craft – a garden bird collage featuring some feathered favourites – a blue tit and a robin. Children used postage stamps to make the bird’s plumage to great effect.

After a quick talk about the importance of the garden birdwatch in monitoring bird populations (which also featured a light sabre and Leader Susan’s incredible transformation into Queen Elizabeth II) it was time for some practical birdwatching.

Trainee Junior Leader Natasha took on the role of an ineffectual scarecrow, covered with a wide range of bird species. The challenge for Wildlife Explorers was to identify all of the birds, from a distance using binoculars – against the clock!

Everyone had lots of fun playing a bird jigsaw relay game -although there were some tail-beak mix-ups and an upside down body to begin with.

Phoenix members also played a bird matching memory game which illustrated that Leaders really do have much worse memories than Wildlife Explorers.

Everyone is prepared now to make the most of their own Big Garden Birdwatches over the weekend to help the RSPB get a snapshot of the status of our garden bird populations from all over the country.

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