Tuesday 22nd January 2019: Puss Bank Primary

Our morning at Puss Bank saw volunteers and enthusiastic pupils coping with a wide range of weather conditions. As well as snow showers, sleet and cold temperatures there were also moments of bright sunshine and some mist!

The morning started with an assembly (indoors!) where we learned about some of the birds that we might see. Volunteer Leaders were really impressed by the bird identification skills on show as robin, blackbird, blue tit, house sparrow and starling were all identified with ease.

After a quick talk on using binoculars safely it was time to venture outside in the wintry conditions. Straight away the young birdwatchers were able to start counting large numbers of jackdaws in the trees and on the roofs and chimneys. Children listened very carefully and heard blue tits, great tits and coal tits calling from the bushes. Other good spots included magpie, black-headed gull and collared dove.

In the closing minutes of the birdwatch students were treated to great views of one of our prettiest birds following the arrival of a small flock of goldfinches.


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