Friday 25th January 2019: Rainow Pre-School

Rainow Preschool was our youngest group of birdwatchers this year- some of the children are just two years old, with the more mature members of the cohort being as old as four!

The session started with children identifying pictures of garden birds and listening to their different songs. The great spotted woodpecker was a big favourite and everyone knew the barn owl. With their new bird identification skills it was time to wrap up warm with hats and scarves to head outside on a birdwatching walk. Everyone was equipped with a pair of binoculars and listened intently to the safety rules for using them.

As we walked down the lane we could hear different birds calling – the jackdaws were shouting out their own names: ‘jak!. jak!’
Our birdwatch ended just as a rain shower began. Perfect timing.
The final bird list included jackdaw, blue tit, great tit, chaffinch and robin.

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