Saturday 26th January 2019: Big Garden Birdwatch – West Park, Macclesfield

Wildlife Explorers were lucky with the weather for their 2019 Big Garden Birdwatch (last year there was torrential rain!). Keen families of birdwatchers gathered near the café in West Park armed with binoculars and bird ID sheets.

After a quick recap of the Top 10 garden birds for Cheshire in 2018 and some safety tips for using binoculars we set off to look and listen for the birds in the park.

With so many eager birdwatchers it wasn’t surprising that we spotted a good range of species, however, we did manage to see some really special birds. We got excellent views of Britain’s smallest bird – the goldcrest on more than one occasion and we also saw a dipper at two different times. (We could tell they were different birds as although both were ringed birds, one had coloured rings on its leg). In the very last seconds of our hour long birdwatch we added mistle thrush to the list.

The data on bird numbers that we collected as part of the morning’s session will be submitted to the RSPB along with results from many thousands of gardens and parks across the country. Statisticians will use the information to build up a snapshot of the health of garden bird populations across the UK, helping to identify which birds most need our help.

The final bird list was 20 species strong:

Blackbird 3
Black-headed gull 2
Blue tit 4
Bullfinch 2
Carrion crow 4
Chaffinch 4
Coal tit 4
Dipper 2
Goldcrest 2
Goldfinch 6
Great tit 2
Jay 1
Long-tailed tit 4
Magpie 4
Mistle thrush 1
Nuthatch 2
Pied wagtail 1
Robin 2
Woodpigeon 3
Wren 2

We had a fabulous morning watching some beautiful birds. Thank you to everyone who joined the group to complete our Big Garden Birdwatch!



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