Wednesday 6th February 2019: Ivy Bank Primary

Leaders visited Ivy Bank Primary School in Macclesfield for a rearranged Big School Birdwatch. The first date was cancelled due to snow and ice – luckily the weather was dry and mild for the new session.

It was decided that we would run two sessions each with two full classes (sixty children in total). We started in the classroom with an introduction to the Top 10 garden birds, some background on the survey and its methodology plus some safety tips for using binoculars.

Everyone was really surprised that such large groups of children were able to birdwatch outside so successfully. Year 3 pupils buddied up with students from Year 1 and our Leaders were hugely impressed at how well the children worked together. As well as pointing out birds they had spotted, Year 3s helped the younger children and to get good views using binoculars and pointed out species on the identification sheets.

We spotted lots of great birds – starlings and pied wagtails were amongst the favourites. We saw plenty of jackdaws and black-headed gulls and everyone enjoyed counting the wood pigeons in the trees.

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