Tuesday 26th February 2019: Birdwatching Session at Puss Bank Nursery

Volunteers from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers visited the nursery at Puss Bank to talk about garden birds and do a spot of hands-on birdwatching in the school grounds. Before we headed outside on a short birdwatching walk, each group of children learned a little bit about some of our most common wild birds – we talked about their colours and what they sound like. We were also very careful to make sure that everyone understood the safety rules for using binoculars.

The unseasonal warm and sunny February weather was perfect for birdwatching. Lots of birds were calling and we listened out for blue tits, jackdaw wood pigeon, and mallard on the canal.
As well as magpies, wood pigeons, robins and dunnocks we spotted a black-headed gull, long-tailed tits, blue tits and great tits. The first group saw a tiny goldcrest – our smallest wild bird – darting about in one of the trees. One of the groups saw an incredible 32 jackdaws on the playing field. In the last minutes of the final session we watched a cormorant fly overhead.

Thank you to everyone at Puss Bank Nursery for our wonderful welcome and for helping us to spot so many lovely birds.

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