Monday 18th March 2019: Secrets of the Rainforest

The most recent indoor meeting for Wildlife Explorers focussed on Rainforests and the incredible variety of life these habitats support.

The group learned about the work the RSPB does managing the Harapan Rainforest in Sumatra. We are losing rainforests across the world at an alarming rate and yet the Harapan Rainforest sees local communities coming together to restore and protect the area. The forest is home to incredible creatures from Sun Bears to Sumatran Tigers and Tapirs.

After measuring and comparing their height against the height of various rainforest birds and animals Explorers got crafty and coloured cards depicting rainforest animals and then created paper models of gibbons with bouncy arms and legs.

The meeting’s ‘Mortimer Moment’ (a special thank you with the group mascot Mortimer the Water Bear) was reserved for the WEx Water Bear swimming team who took part in the annual Swimathon raising over £400 pounds to be shared between the group and various Rotary Charities. Well done to our swimmers Martin, Abi, Natasha, Hope and Janneke.

Every meeting ends with fun and games – this time the children played an animal sounds game ‘Find My Friends ‘ and a rainforest story runaround.

Teenage Phoenix members had fun playing Rainforest Playdough charades – there were excellent modelling (and even better guessing) skills in evidence!



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