Sunday 24th March 2019: Conservation Work – Macclesfield Forest

After a quick welcome from Ranger Martin Winder, a safety talk and instructions on how to safely complete the tasks for the day a large group of Wildlife Explorers headed to the Education Area.

Armed with gardening gloves, a selection of tools and lots of enthusiasm families headed to the education area. As well as tidying up the tree shelters in the hedgerow and removing dead plants, saplings from the tree nursery were transplanted to the hedge, filling in spaces and extending the hedgerow. There was also plenty of bramble to clear and fallen branches were collected into piles for invertebrates.

A huge amount was achieved and it was fantastic to see Explorers of all ages making a real contribution.
The session finished with well-earned refreshments back at the picnic tables.

As well as improving the site and making it more accessible for visiting schools and groups the work completed by Wildlife Explorers also improves the habitats for wildlife. Several of the children working on the site for this session have visited the site (or will be visiting later this term) with their school classes.

Leaders would like to thank all of the families that joined us for their hard work and to Martin Winder from the Peak District National Park for hosting a fabulous morning.

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