Wednesday 10th April 2019: Tytherington Club Holiday Club

Leaders Dave, Jen, Tina and Will visited The Tytherington Club Holiday Club to talk about Homes for Wildlife and help children make bird boxes for use in the club grounds.

The session began with everyone looking at a whole range of different manmade wildlife homes and working out which wild creatures they were designed for. The answers were deduced using the size of the animal and position of the home, from a hedgehog house to a barn owl box and from a butterfly shelter to bat box the solutions arrived at were all correct.

Everyone then designed their own home for wildlife – choosing their favourite wild animal or bird.
In pairs the group then stepped up to the work benches to make bird boxes that will be put up around the golf course to provide nesting opportunities for wild birds like blue tits.

The team also explained our Swifts Over Macclesfield project. As well as discussing the identification differences between swallows, house martins and swifts the children learned about the different nests they build and also looked at specialised swift nest boxes.
While the team finished constructing the last few nest boxes the children rounded the morning off with a game of playdough charades. There were excellent modelling and guessing skills in evidence.We had a very successful morning giving nature a home.

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