Monday 20th May 2019:Insects, Spiders & Myriapods – Life with Lots of Legs

The latest meeting of Wildlife Explorers focussed on minibeasts with lots of legs, from six-legged insects and eight legged arachnids (including spiders) through to the many-legged centipedes and millipedes.

The meeting started with Explorers learning about the 30 Days Wild initiative from The Wildlife Trusts. Wildlife Explorers are supporting this project throughout June and are encouraging members and their families to take part in ‘random acts of wildness’ every day in June and report back about it. (Photos and a description of who, what, where and when [email protected] please).

The craft for the day was making a incredible psychedelic spider web to take home. Children made an incredibly inventive selection of webs in gorgeous colours and textures.













Explorers were all very excited that for the main part of the meeting Jonathan Cleverley from Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow was able to introduce a range of incredible creatures from his collection via a live web-link.







It was fantastic to see these amazing creatures from around the world. Jonathan was able to explain to the audience how each creature had an array of special features to enable them to live, feed, grow and breed in a specific habitat.

We met stick insects (and waved back at them with our legs!), tarantulas, millipedes and scorpions.

The session rounded off with the usual fun and games – a foraging bingo game (matching insects, spiders and myriapods) and a round of ‘Quick On The Draw’ where older children could showcase their drawing and guessing skills.

Thank you so much to Jonathan for the opportunity to experience and appreciate these wonderful creatures – the evening highlighted the incredible diversity of the natural world.

Learn more about Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow at

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