Monday 17th June 2019:End of Year Party

Wildlife Explorers celebrated the end of another year of wildlife-packed meetings with a special end of year party.

The party began with a special viewing of The RSPB’s latest birdsong single video which features some amazing hand shadow puppets. Then it was Explorers chance to turn their hands (literally) to a bit of shadow puppetry. There were some very talented attempts at some very complex shadow images.

We played some of our favourite party games, Hot Waterbear, Grey and Red Squirrels, along with caterpillar races and Habitat relays.

It was then time for lots of party food and some wonderfully wildlife themed cakes and savouries.

No end of year party would be complete without some awards. Prizes were given for the winners of our Chester Zoo competitions and then awards for attendance were presented to those members who had been to the most indoor and outdoor meetings.

Each year a special award is given in memory of the founder of our group – The Lin Townsley Award for Young Person’s Contribution to Nature Conservation 2019 was awarded to Oliver Hollingsworth. Oliver is a dedicated member of the group who, as well as attending many of our regular meetings shows particular enthusiasm for our practical conservation work sessions and makes a huge contribution to the work we achieve in habitat restoration at local sites. Congratulations Oliver!

This year there were two more special presentations. The group have been incredibly lucky to be the recipients of two very generous gifts from community supporters. Earlier in the year we were greatly saddened when our friend and great supporter Chris Revett passed away. Her friend Joan arranged with Chris’s work colleagues to make a donation of binoculars to Wildlife Explorers in her memory. Graham Palmer, another longstanding friend and advocate of the group and our work with young people, also made an incredibly generous donation of binoculars to the team in memory of his wife Dorothy. We now have enough pairs of excellent quality binoculars to run sessions for a whole school class or uniformed group. This will make an incredible difference to the experience we can offer to our members and others who attend the outreach sessions that we run in the community. Joan and Graham were kind enough to join us at in order that children could present them with signed ‘Thank you’ cards.

Thank you once again to Graham, Joan and the colleagues of our much missed supporter Chris. The team will endeavour to put our new binoculars to great use giving children, young people and their families great opportunities to get better connected to the natural world.

We are looking forward to planning a busy season for next year with a mix of lots of learning about natural history, wildlife-watching opportunities and hands-on conservation work. Look out for the new programme – we hope you’ll be able to join us.

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