Monday 16th September 2019: All Creatures Great and Small – A Virtual Bioblitz.

After the summer break Wildlife Explorers gathered at The Salvation Army Hall on Roe Street for the first meeting of the new season.

Starting off with a seasonal collage of fallen leaves decorated with an incredible range of creepy crawlies members soon got back into the swing of the indoor meetings.

The theme for the session was measuring biodiversity in six virtual habitats. Leaders had prepared the following stations:
– A wildflower meadow teeming with butterflies.
– A bird ringing station with a selection of garden and woodland birds
– A group of rockpools – only accessible using marine viewers
– A wildlife pond
– Small mammal trapping station
– A lake with waterfowl requiring identification with binoculars

Teams of explorers visited each station and recorded as many different species as possible against the clock.

For the older group of Explorers and Phoenix members there was an additional challenge as their virtual bioblitz started with a birdsong task. (Bird species had to be identified by song alone – no other clues!).

The teams did an incredible job of using different techniques and ID resources to build up a picture of the different species in each habitat.

The meeting rounded off with a relay game where teams had to sort creatures from aquatic and terrestrial habitats and then throw them accurately into a habitat ‘bucket’ – under time pressure too!

We are all looking forward to lots more meetings packed with wildlife facts and nature activities for the rest of the 2019/20 season.



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