Sunday 22nd September 2019: Jodrell Bank Work Party

After heavy overnight thunderstorms and torrential rain Wildlife Explorers travelled through flooded roads to get to the Jodrell Bank Arboretum for the first work party of the season.
Becky and Phil from the Gardens Team had organised some conservation work at the wildlife pond in the Arboretum.

The area was quite overgrown and needed clearing in order for the access and views from the bird hide to be maintained as well as allowing other volunteer groups to work around the pond margins. As the pond area is further restored over the coming months the habitat will be greatly improved for wild birds, mammals, amphibians and a whole range of invertebrates.

Luckily the rain clouds cleared just in time and the rain stayed away for the whole morning. After a quick safety talk and some information about using tools Explorers and family members of all ages set to work armed with gardening gloves, saws, secateurs, loppers, rakes and big hands! (see the pictures – they are real gardening tools!!) .

Working hard clearing brambles, trimming overhanging branches and pruning shrubs the industrious team soon made a huge impact on the area around the pond and bird hide. Clippings and branches were moved and processed by other members of the group who then refurbished an existing dead hedge that had rotted down.

Before we left the site the bird feeders were refilled and the hide was officially reopened (It was closed to visitors during the nesting season as a wren had built a perfect moss nest inside, above the door and at least two broods were raised).

The morning ended with welcome refreshments and a whole bunch of smiles.
Wildlife Explorers would like to thank the Gardens team for their wonderful hospitality and for providing us with such a worthwhile project to be involved with.

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