Monday 21st October 2019: Secrets of Seeds

On arrival Explorers created paper bags that would then be used to carry home other craft items and a bag of sunflower seeds . Imaginations ran riot and there were some fantastic designs – one bag even had a working drawbridge.

The group learned why seeds are important in the life cycle of a plant and as a food source for other organisms. A ‘True of False’ quiz introduced some fascinating facts about seeds from across the world and even outer space! (Did you know there were seeds on the international Space Station?)

Everyone then decorated a couple of small plant pots – this time faces (with whacky hairstyles and beards) and abstract patterns were big favourites . When they were complete they were planted with either a native tree seed or some meadow wildflowers in peat-free wildlife-friendly compost. Hopefully these seeds will germinate and become homes and food sources for lots more wildlife in the future.

To end their meeting Phoenix members had fun with an invertebrate anatomy challenge – drawing labelled diagrams of creatures as diverse as slugs and grasshoppers. It’s much harder than you think!

Thanks to everyone who came along to our meeting – good luck growing your wildflowers and trees!

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