Monday 18th November 2019: Sustainability – Getting Greener for Nature

Our last indoor meeting of 2019 was held on a wet and dark evening with quite a few members not able to join us due to autumnal colds and other ailments! The grey night made the leaders even more keen to get everyone intrigued and excited about the night’s topic which was ‘Sustainability – Getting Greener for Nature’.

Leader Natalie along with Leader Kat wrangled attendees into an initial Sustainability bean bag game where lots of household items were sorted into different categories (Recycle, Reuse / Repair or Compost) by throwing labelled bean bags into hula hoops!  You’ve got to love our leader’s ingenuity 🙂
After quite a few competitive rounds of the game Leader Martin launched into a talk about the basics of Sustainability, energy use and how each of us can help to be greener in our own everyday lives. Even little changes shouldn’t be dismissed!
At the end of the talk Leader Martin it was time for a little bit of ‘show and tell’ as Martin had brought in some wildlife from his own home. Martin has been using a wormery to breakdown all the families vegetable peelings and scrap paper for around 10 years! Explorers were able to get up close and personal with a before and after of the wormery packed full of composting worms and also the thoroughly broken down composted material that comes out at the end of the process.
After the talk, Leader Helen had another of her fabulous craft activities, this time creating Christmas cards from recycled material. Everyone was really getting into their creations so much so that it was a struggle to get everyone to join in the games that wound up the end of another great Wildlife Explorers meeting.

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