Wednesday 22nd January 2020: Kettleshulme St James

We have always had interesting weather for our Birdwatches at Kettleshulme St. James Primary School. In the past we have experienced bright sunshine, deep snow, ice and high winds – this year thick fog descended!

Each class started the birdwatch with a short introduction in the classroom. We talked about the important conservation reasons for completing the birdwatch (monitoring the health of wild bird populations) and helped each other with some basic garden bird identification. After a quick recap on binocular safety classes went outside to begin the birdwatch proper.

The weather probably had an impact on the number of birds we saw and a total of 11 species was a good total in the circumstances. Children were lucky to spot lots of finches – chaffinch, greenfinch, goldfinch and bullfinch all made the list.  Binoculars were used watch blue tits flitting around the hedges and everyone enjoyed listening to the robins that sang for the whole afternoon.

The staff and children gave us a fabulous warm welcome and the volunteer team were really impressed by the children’s enthusiasm and knowledge. Thank you for a great afternoon.

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