Thursday 23rd January 2020: Puss Bank Primary School

Leaders visited Puss Bank Primary School for a school assembly and a Birdwatch with all of the different infant classes. In assembly children identified the Top 10 garden birds and learned about the special method of counting (where numbers above one are only counted when birds are seen at the same time  – to avoid recounting individuals that fly off and come back multiple times).

As soon as we went outside to start the birdwatch a cormorant flew low over the playground – a real surprise for all of us! We spotted lots of jackdaws and wood pigeons and there tiny blue tits flitting around the trees. Everyone enjoyed listening to a robin singing and the great tits calling ‘teacher! Teacher!’. Collared doves, magpies, blackbirds and a chaffinch was also spotted. The highest number of jackdaws counted was an impressive 19.

Our total number of species was 15  – and we wouldn’t have added wren without one of the keen-eyed students in the very last group spotting this tiny bird hopping along the wall.

We had a fabulous morning with so many keen bird spotters – thank you for helping with another fantastic Big School Birdwatch.  

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