Friday 24th January 2020: King’s School at Victoria Park and Lunchtime Drop-In Session

Students in Year 3 and Year 4 at King’s School completed their Big School Birdwatch at Victoria Park in Macclesfield. Different classes walked over to the park and used the bandstand as a viewpoint from which to record the wild birds in the park.

After finding out about the purpose of the birdwatch and the methodology for counting the birds the students learned how to identify some of the most common garden birds and how to use binoculars safely.  From the very start of the session there were lots of birds flying from tree to tree and plenty of birdsong. Students spotted goldfinch, nuthatch, robin, dunnock, blackbird  and even a great spotted woodpecker.

The last group of the morning added a few more species to the final list but also had the opportunity to observe some incredible behaviour. They watched a squirrel moving bedding material from one hole to another on a large dead tree trunk whilst being mobbed by a pair of jackdaws.

A small team of volunteers spent lunch hour in the school grounds of the Junior School on Fence Avenue running a second Birdwatch session so that students could drop-in during their lunch break.   Whilst some of the species were expected and typical of those seen on school grounds and playing fields (woodpigeons, carrion crows and blackheaded gulls) everyone was delighted to see a flock of 60 redwing, winter migrants from Scandinavia resting in the trees.

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