Saturday 25th January 2020: Big Garden Birdwatch – West Park, Macclesfield

Nearly 50 keen family birdwatchers gathered in West Park, Macclesfield to take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. Part of the largest wildlife survey in the world, the Big Garden Birdwatch involves spending just one hour recording the largest number of different species visiting your garden or local greenspace. This year the Birdwatch weekend took place over the 25th and 26th January with many thousands of households and groups expected to take part recording millions of birds nationwide. Our birdwatching walk took us on a circuit of the park where we were able to watch out for birds in … Click here for more information…..

Friday 24th January 2020: King’s School at Victoria Park and Lunchtime Drop-In Session

Students in Year 3 and Year 4 at King’s School completed their Big School Birdwatch at Victoria Park in Macclesfield. Different classes walked over to the park and used the bandstand as a viewpoint from which to record the wild birds in the park. After finding out about the purpose of the birdwatch and the methodology for counting the birds the students learned how to identify some of the most common garden birds and how to use binoculars safely.  From the very start of the session there were lots of birds flying from tree to tree and plenty of birdsong. … Click here for more information…..

Thursday 23rd January 2020: Puss Bank Primary School

Leaders visited Puss Bank Primary School for a school assembly and a Birdwatch with all of the different infant classes. In assembly children identified the Top 10 garden birds and learned about the special method of counting (where numbers above one are only counted when birds are seen at the same time  – to avoid recounting individuals that fly off and come back multiple times). As soon as we went outside to start the birdwatch a cormorant flew low over the playground – a real surprise for all of us! We spotted lots of jackdaws and wood pigeons and there … Click here for more information…..

Wednesday 22nd January 2020: Kettleshulme St James

We have always had interesting weather for our Birdwatches at Kettleshulme St. James Primary School. In the past we have experienced bright sunshine, deep snow, ice and high winds – this year thick fog descended! Each class started the birdwatch with a short introduction in the classroom. We talked about the important conservation reasons for completing the birdwatch (monitoring the health of wild bird populations) and helped each other with some basic garden bird identification. After a quick recap on binocular safety classes went outside to begin the birdwatch proper. The weather probably had an impact on the number of … Click here for more information…..

Tuesday 21st January 2020: Mottram St Andrew Primary Academy

A team of Leaders from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers visited Mottram St. Andrew Primary Academy for a lovely morning completing the Big School Birdwatch. The session started with a whole school assembly. Leaders were really impressed with the bird knowledge displayed by the children of all ages. Children from Nursery and Reception took part in the Birdwatch proper and were full of enthusiasm. After a little guidance on looking through the correct end of the binoculars the children were able to look for birds in the school grounds. Luckily a group of mallard ducks were feeding in the field  – … Click here for more information…..

Monday 20th January 2020: Garden Birds Count!

The first indoor meeting of 2020 for Wildlife Explorers was all about garden birds and preparing for the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch. The Meeting emphasised the importance of taking part in the Birdwatch, the world’s largest wildlife survey in order that important information can be gathered on the status of our wild bird populations.  We went over basic garden bird ID, how to complete the birdwatch at home and hints and tips for garden bird care. Leader Helen devised a great craft activity to use up old Christmas cards. Explorers created a couple of amazing wildlife collages  – of … Click here for more information…..

Monday 20th January 2020: Rainow Pre-School

Leaders Tina and Abercrombie visited Rainow PreSchool to help run their Big School Birdwatch. The session began with the children learning about some common garden birds – their colours and the calls they make. After a quick binocular safety talk we put on hats and coats and everyone was ready for a birdwatching walk. Even the tiniest birdwatchers used binoculars to spot different birds. At the start of our walk we saw an incredible flock of 33 starlings flying from the rooftops to the trees. We listened to robins, sparrows, jackdaws and crows. Everyone was impressed when Noah spotted a … Click here for more information…..

Sunday 1st December 2019: Tree Dressing and Silly Hat Competition – Teggs Nose

Wildlife Explorers headed to Tegg’s Nose Country Park for the very last session of 2019. One of the most popular fixtures in our calendar, Tree Dressing (and our Silly Hat Competition) celebrates the end of National Tree Week and the importance of trees and woodland to birds, people and wildlife. The weather was perfect – mild and sunny – the woodland looked beautiful with the autumn leaves highlighted in the golden sunshine. Wildlife Explorers chose a suitable tree and started to create ephemeral sculptures using clay and natural materials gathered from the woodland. When the creations were complete the whole … Click here for more information…..

Monday 18th November 2019: Sustainability – Getting Greener for Nature

Our last indoor meeting of 2019 was held on a wet and dark evening with quite a few members not able to join us due to autumnal colds and other ailments! The grey night made the leaders even more keen to get everyone intrigued and excited about the night’s topic which was ‘Sustainability – Getting Greener for Nature’. Leader Natalie along with Leader Kat wrangled attendees into an initial Sustainability bean bag game where lots of household items were sorted into different categories (Recycle, Reuse / Repair or Compost) by throwing labelled bean bags into hula hoops!  You’ve got to … Click here for more information…..