How YOU can help Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers


ink and
toner cartridges

Changed your printer recently? 

We can re-sell any NEW, UNUSED AND SEALED ink and toner cartridges on Amazon or eBay.Please put them in an envelope or bag marked “NEW” and hand them to one of our Leaders.


USED ink cartridges






Mobile Phones

Collect & use our small ‘freepost recycling envelopes’. These are available at any of our meetings.Simply write your name and address on the envelope to request more envelopes, pop your used inkjet cartridge or mobile phone in the freepost envelope and drop it in the postbox to The Recycling Factory.The types of cartridges they accept changes from time to time.
Please check on their website first to see if your cartridge is accepted.
Look under TRF Services for a current list of recycleable items.

The envelopes carry a Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers
bar code and any amount recovered is credited to our account.

Due to a change in rules governing the transportation of dangerous goods, mobile phones can no longer be sent via freepost envelopes.
Please hand any mobile phones to one of the Wildlife Explorer Leaders at a meeting so we can send it in a special tracked envelope.

Non Recyclable Materials

Please note the following:

  • All Damaged or Leaking cartridges have no value.
    If your cartridge came with a recycling envelope
    please use that, or dispose of it with your household waste.
  • EPSON cartridges are not accepted by the recycling companies and therefore have no residual value.Please use the recycling envelope where supplied with your cartridge or dispose of them
    with your household waste.(NB Cartridges returned to Epson are ‘recycled’ by being incinerated and the resulting heat is used in the manufacturing process. If you would like to return your old Epson cartridges for free, click here for details.)
  • ALL USED LASER TONER Cartridges now have so little value that it is not profitable for us to recycle them. If your cartridge came with a recycling envelope please use that, or dispose of it with your household waste.

Recycling Update

We have been recycling since 2001.

Our total to date is in excess of  £2,000 !

Thanks to everyone who helped with this recycling effort.